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March Madness Private Pool Hosting

SWEET 16 PICK-THE-BRACKET: Starting with the Sweet 16, pick all 4 remaining rounds of the Tournament. Customizable scoring systems (round values, seed scoring). Click to start your pool!
PICK-THE-BRACKET: The most popular format. Starting with the field of 64, pick every game at once. Many options and iPhone enabled! Click to start your pool!
TOURNEY SHARE: Fantasy Sportsbook for March Madness. Risk your shares on sides, totals and even do parlays. The person with the most shares at the end wins. Click to start your pool!
TOURNEY SURVIVOR: Pick 1 team each day of the tournament. Must win to advance. Many options including double picks for Round 1, can't pick the same team twice, and more. Click to start your pool!
TOURNEY SQUARES: Like Superbowl Square pools but there is a winner for every game (63) in the tournament. Click to start your pool!
SEED 8: Pick 8 teams and get their seed value for each win. The person with the most points wins! Customize the number of teams to pick. It doesn't have to be 8. Click to start your pool!

March Madness Private Pool Hosting

Set up your own private pool for the 2016 NCAA College Basketball Tournament. We have five main formats for tournament pools, each come with many options and settings so you can customize the pool to work the way you want it to. If you don't find the settings and options you need, email us. We can point you in the right direction, or if we simply don't have the option, we may be able to customize things for you.

We'll handle all the game results and scoring and we'll update your pool standings immediately as the games end. We provide pick confirmation emails, trash talk message boards, game analysis, telephone and email support for everyone in your pool.

Here is what's in it for you, the Commish:

  • A full set of tools to manage your pool roster:
    • automated pool member invitation emails
    • keep track of (and optionally require) real names and contact info
    • make picks for people who don't have regular internet access
  • Full time, personalized support from us.
  • Start a pool with no obligation. The payment deadline is set for about a week after the playoffs begin, so you have plenty of time to decide. For Square Pools, there is no payment due date, you simply pay when you are ready to close the pool and assign the numbers.

What's in it for your pool members?

  • Excellent customer service, registration and login assistance.
  • Instant updates of results and standings
  • Private "Trash Talk" message board
  • Statistics and Analysis
  • Peace of mind that the integrity of your picks and results are built in to our website... Not even the pool manager can cheat.
  • Total privacy, and our No-spam promise