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Pick the Bracket

Starting with the field of 64, pick the winner of every NCAA Basketball Tournament game.

  • Custom Scoring Options with Upset Bonus Points
  • iPhone App and Mobile Site
  • What If Standings and Winning Scenarios
  • Real Time Scoring and Standings Updates
Pick the
Seed 8
Sweet 16

Expert Office Pool Hosting for March Madness

About Us - 2015 marks our 16th year of basketball pool hosting. Our fulltime staff provides excellent customer service, and we have a deep, reliable website, and extremely fast score and standings updates. Our goal is to take the madness out of your March Madness Pool so you can enjoy watching it all unfold out on the court. Check our About Us and FAQ pages for more information.

  • Live Scoring and Standings Updates
  • Access from your Phone or Tablet
  • Custom Scoring & Options
  • Easily Add Multiple Entries
  • Telephone Support
  • Pick Confirmation Emails
  • Tools for Managing Your Members
  • Private Trash Talk Message Board
  • No Advertising or Spam
  • Expert Team Analysis

Custom Scoring - Pick-The-Bracket pool managers set the point value for each round and decide whether to use one of our 4 systems that award bonus points for picking upsets. We can also write custom code to handle your unique scoring scheme. To learn more about the scoring systems, set up your own pool so you can review all the custom options, and then Contact Us if you have any other questions.

Entering Picks - You may change your picks as often as you like up until your pool's pick deadline which is set by the pool manager. Also, you can easily do mulitple sets of picks under the same registration, so if you want to enter picks for a friend or extra sets of picks for yourself, our software makes it easy.

Branded Basketball Pools - We can help you promote your own website or business with a custom branded basketball pool. We'll use your graphics and styles to make our site look like yours. These are perfect for radio stations, newspapers, or anyone who wants a professional contest web page. Learn More

Employee Pools - What better way to build comradery in the office than to sponsor a pool for your employees? Instead of complaining about lost productivity in the office, use the NCAA Tournament as a team building tool! Contact us for more info.

Hosting Fee - For our most popular pool formats we charge $1 per entry and there is a minimum charge of $10. If you have 5 people in your group, the cost is $10. If you have 15 people, the cost is $15, etc.. Our more unique pool formats may cost a bit more. Check the Start a Pool page for more information about the prices.

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What They're Saying - Hey John:

You're kicking butt. I've had a lot of compliments from pool players about how easy everthing is to navigate, especially for former players who have registered in prior years. Keep up the good work! - Tom Hisek
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