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Android and iOS

Fill out your bracket online and then download our FREE app to track your picks, check your standings, and talk trash.

NOTE: for Pick-the-Bracket users only!

Live Scores

Track the progress of every game. More than just a scoreboard, this page shows who you picked and the key games which are most important to you.


Check your rank based on points, wins or maximum possible points and see everyone's championship team prediction.


Drill down to see the full set of picks for everyone in your group. Completed games are color coded to indicate wins and losses. Prior to the deadline the picks are all hidden (except your own picks).

Trash Talk

Interact with your friends on your pool's private trash talk message board. Post your own messages too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Key icon stand for on the Live Scores page? - The key icon stands for a Key Game, or a game that is important to you. Key games are likely to involve your championship team, or a team that everyone picked but you.