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Pick-The-Bracket TOUR

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The Pick-the-Bracket picksheet contains the entire tournament bracket (not including the play-in games). Simply click on a team to advance that team to the next round. If that's too taxing, the Quick Pick Option allows you to choose all the higher seeds up to the Final Four with the single click of a button. You can then modify these selections as you see fit. Try it out below!

Sample Picksheet

Rnd of 64
(1 pts)
Rnd of 32
(2 pts)
Sweet 16
(4 pts)
Elite 8
(8 pts)
Final 4
(16 pts)
Elite 8
(8 pts)
Sweet 16
(4 pts)
Rnd of 32
(2 pts)
Rnd of 64
(1 pts)
1 Villanova Buffalo  New York  New York 
Make Picks for:

Quick Pick
Kansas City  Kansas City  Tulsa  1 Kansas
16 Mt St Marys 16 UC Davis
8 Wisconsin
8 Miami
9 Va Tech 9 Michigan St
5 Virginia Orlando 
Milwaukee  5 Iowa St
12 UNC Wilm 12 Nevada
4 Florida
4 Purdue
13 E. Tenn St East Midwest 13 Vermont
3 Baylor Tulsa 
Sacramento  3 Oregon
14 New Mex St New York  Kansas City  14 Iona
6 Creighton
11 USC
11 Rhode Island
7 S. Carolina Greenville 
Championship (32 pts)

Champion Pick:
No Pick
Indianapolis  7 Michigan
10 Marquette 10 Oklahoma St
2 Duke
2 Louisville
15 Troy St 15 Jax State
1 Gonzaga Salt Lake City  San Jose  San Jose  Memphis  Memphis  Greenville  1 N. Carolina
16 S Dakota St 16 Tex Southern
8 Northwestern
8 Arkansas
9 Vanderbilt 9 Seton Hall
5 Notre Dame Buffalo 
Milwaukee  5 Minnesota
12 Princeton
12 Mid Tenn
4 W. Virginia
4 Butler
13 Bucknell West South 13 Winthrop
3 Florida St Orlando 

Championship Game Total:   (your Tiebreaker prediction)

Sacramento  3 UCLA
14 FGCU San Jose  Memphis  14 Kent
6 Maryland
6 Cincinnati
11 Xavier 11 Kansas St
7 St. Mary's Salt Lake City 
Indianapolis  7 Dayton
10 VCU 10 Wichita St
2 Arizona
2 Kentucky
15 North Dakota 15 N Kentucky

Tiebreaker: Enter a prediction for the total number of points scored by both teams in the Championship game (i.e. the combined score of both teams). You have until gametime of the championship game ( Mon, Apr-03 7:20 PM Mountain ) to enter your prediction.

Help Using This Picksheet

To make your picks, click on a team and it will advance to the next round. Once your picksheet is fully filled in, the Submit Picks button will be activated and you can save your picks. Your picks aren't saved until you click the Submit Picks button and you get a confirming congratulatory message on the screen.

If you want to start with all the favorites click the Quick Pick link first and all the first 60 games will get filled in automatically.

You can change all of your picks anytime up until your pool deadline.